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[discography] SUGIZO - DISCONTINUED 2011-09-04 [19 Apr 2007|06:53pm]
I've typed and deleted this entry so many times, but decided to do it for real today, once and for all.

It started when I got an e-mail notification from Sendspace telling me that my files were expiring. More came throughout the later months. I haven't checked, so I don't know which exact files have expired, though I'm positive that the ones on Mediafire are immortal. But one message is clear to me: this is a period where SUGIZO is more loved than ever, with download links to his music mushrooming here and there - I'm not needed anymore, my mission is accomplished. I love SUGIZO, and I love that he's getting all the attention he gets now. He deserves it, because he's an amazingly talented and hardworking human being.

My real life background requires me to be empathetic to the less privileged, to the fans who couldn't and still can't afford to buy his music for whatever reasons but are snubbed by elitist fans. I didn't want any of his music to be lost in history because no one bothered to collect it properly AND shared it with others. Now that I'm dwelling in social justice this point is relevant to me more than ever: everyone has the right to pleasure, at whatever price. I won't pretend that I know SUGIZO well - perhaps he *is* troubled by free online downloads - thus I would like to apologize to him if he's offended. (I don't think I'm important enough to be tracked in real life though.)

I am open to new friendships and "hellos": I am @katharotes on Twitter and Facebook.
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